NCOD Video

NCOD – National Coming OUT Day festival took place on Saturday October 9, 2010 in Las Vegas.

Please watch this video as people talk about their coming out story and share a simple message, “You Are Loved!”


Welcome to the You Are Loved Campaign!

Welcome to the You Are Loved Campaign website.

You Are Loved Campaign

This website has been started due to the recent numerous incidents of LGBT youth suicide. It should never be an option to end your life because of something you can not change. Especially when you are loved by your friends and families. Together lets end the bullying and show them that Love does indeed conquer all!

Coming out can be a difficult thing however there are many resources out there for you to utilize; from counseling to community centers to youth groups.

It is too often that the media and our society talk about the negativity in the World. This website will focus on the positive. Coming soon will be videos of hope and inspiration, messages of the love for LGBT youth who are struggling to come out. It may be scary to come out but with the help and guidance of those who love you, it will be ok.

Kathy Griffin

Thanks to Kathy Griffin for her message and informing people of the Trevor Project.

Please Share Your Story

A main component of the You Are Loved Campaign is the sharing of stories. For eveyone who has come OUT and are still loved by their family and friends, we need to share our stories so those who are affraid to come OUT can see it’s not that scary. That they are and will also be LOVED!

This is were you come in. Have you come OUT? Please write a comment to this blog entry and share your story of hope and inspiration with the LGBT youth who need to see that it is ok to be gay and be OUT.

Also We are looking for videos of your story. So if you make a video please share the link. Are you attending a rally or a vigil? Please send in your video of those events as well.

Together we can share the light and spread the love!

Organizer – You Are Loved Campaign

Thanks to Jon Rube for sharing his story:

My Story

Hello. I am J.Son and I started to share stories of hope and inspiration to LGBT youth who are struggling with coming “out” to their friends and family.

Please watch my video and I hope you will share your stories with us all as well. Leave a comment here or email me at – If you make a video I would love to post it to this site. Or you can write a blog entry and I will add it to this site as well.

Thank you for watching and for visiting this website. Click on the About page if you need to talk to a counselor anytime 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Remember to live life Naked and be who you are!

Ellen Speaks Out

From the Ellen DeGeneres Show